Atmospheric photography

A kind of photography that drags you inside the frame, makes you be there for a second, feel the scene, brings emotions… That’s atmospheric photography and it has been my kind of photography for a while. This whole website revolves around atmospheric scenes, lush nature warmed up by first sun rays, melancholy of sunsets, vastness of space. In a world full of possibilities you always find something you want to do. In a world full of photography, you find some that attract you more than others. As a form of art, photography is there to make your imagination turn on, make you go on a journey while laying in bed. And this previous sentence tells you everything about this project and what I want to achieve when I take my camera and embark the world in a search of atmospheric scenes.

Ambient music & soundscapes

Something that goes along with atmospheric photography so good as warm coffee on a rainy morning. Ambient music. You heard of it but maybe you haven’t listened to it. Search for artists as Harold Budd, Stars of the Lid, Hammock, Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield with his Songs of Distant Earth album… Ambient music is something to daydream to, so invasive yet so powerful. Lot of textures, droning sounds, soft melodies. A year ago I started to spend more time with my guitar, something I’ve been neglecting for a too long. The idea is to make short ambient piece for every atmospheric photo in this project. I believe that will make a perfect blend, something to experience with few of your senses. Ambient music often combines different instruments with soundscapes – sounds of waves, birds, traffic, anything that goes along with atmospheric photography.

Atmospheric diary

In other words – blog. Imagined to cover a wide variety of topics tied to atmospheric photography and ambient music. If you are interested in making of this kind of photography, you’ll be able to find a lot of useful information here. A little bit about the equipment I use and equipment reviews, details of every project, examples of editing process… Something for a long rainy days.

Buying prints

A piece of atmosphere in your home, who wouldn’t like that? All of the photos from this website and social networks are available for print in almost every size. While this project is made out of pure love for atmospheric scenes, with every purchase you make you are contributing and helping this story to develop.

Future developments

While this project is mainly based on atmospheric photography, it sure isn’t the only visual medium you’ll find here. With passing time, I’ll be adding ambient music to projects and images of Voyage ambient. Even before that I’ll start with equally atmospheric videos, maybe even 360 panoramas. I remember not so long ago i planned to buy 6 GoPro’s (for a very reasonable price) just to make meditative 360 videos. Then I did a bit of research and found out that VR technology is still not so developed and not so widely spread. But hey, it’s developing and that kind of content might appear here in near future. Everything is experimentation, trial and error, that’s how you develop, for every photo presented here, I probably have 10 more laying in some forgotten folder because they don’t fit the criteria. And yes, I almost forgot, timelapses, expect them too since it all started with a few time lapses 5 years ago.